title Blaststorm
platform PC/Windows
genre Tower defence / action
gameplay singleplayer
version 0.8 beta
size 50 mb
game released 23.09.2012
price free

Ever wondered what would happen if war machines from the past, present and the future meet at the same battlefield? It's time to see...

Blaststorm is a 3d tower defence where you have only one mission - protect
your main base during all enemy attacks. The enemy forces will not attack
you all at once. They'll attack you in organized waves and they will use every
possible way to destroy your base. Heavy tanks, self-repairing tanks, missile
launchers that will cover the field with deadly chemical puddles, remote-controlled

rovers loaded with dynamite and plastic explosives, laser cannons, plane bombardments... This is only a part of the hell that you'll have to survive. Of course, you'll be armed with battle units too. And not only... You can build different structures
that will give you surprisingly tempting abilities. In addition, there are several
upgrades that will make your defences stronger and your units weaponry - more
destructive than ever! Don't miss the blast action. Dive into the storm of blasts!
There's also a trackload system which allows you to listen to your favorite music while playing the game. You only have to put your mp3 files into the game folder.
If you want to introduce some more realism and better appearance of the game, and
of course, if you have a fast computer, you can go to settings and turn on the dynamic shadows.

The game is still at beta testing period. You can participate and leave all your remarks,
opinions and ideas at the comment section below. This is very important for the future improvement of the game!



Minimal system requirements:

CPU: 2.00 ghz
RAM: 256 mb
Video: 128 mb, supporting Shader model 2.0 or newer
55 mb of HDD space


(click to enlarge)


Gameplay video:




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